Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Surfing Legend visits Sailfish Bay to film movie


The Endless Journey Continues

Last May Sailfish Bay welcomed surfing pioneer and legend Robert August and his son, former Major League pitcher Sam August to the coast. They filmed their latest movie "The Endless Journey Continues" while staying at Sailfish Bay. They were surfing just 200 yards out our front door for 7 days. Here is what Sam has to say about Guatemala surfing and Sailfish Bay.

"After a little over an hour from the airport in Guatemala City, we rode over to the lodge in a panga down the river 10 minutes. Not expecting the accomodation level that Sailfish Bay was about to offer. Each room decorated in a beautiful yet simple fashion with the beach front steps away. I was very impressed by the kitchen and staff. I could not wait to get back to the table every evening!

The surf at the river mouth 200 yds south is a very unique and high end right and left peak. It needs 3 ft and up swell to break. A powerful yet safe wave with a chanel for paddling ease. Swell direction and time of year is pretty much all year round. The rainy season starts mid-May and goes through October. A very rare combo of big swell window and NO CROWDS...yet 80 degree water temp.

While in Guatemala, we discovered hundreds of miles of black sand beaches, countless breaks with no crowds and an amazing culture and history. Now the only question: Do we keep it a secret or share our stories with the rest of the surfing world?

After we returned talking non-stop about our unique surfing experience, we discovered that we were at one of the world's best fishing destinations and didnt take advantage. Being fisherman our whole lives we are dying to get back and combo surf and fish!"

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