Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Summer Fishing Report - Marlin Time


July 3 - Barbara & Warren Hawkins joined us at Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard Sirena the group released 9 sailfish conventional on 19 raises.

July 4 - The Hawkins group released 6 sailfish conventional on 11 raises aboard Sirena.

July 5 - The Hawkins group duplicated their prior day and released another 6 sailfish conventional aboard Sirena with 11 raises.

21 sailfish releases in 3 days.

July 14 - Dr. Phil Hansen returned to SBL for a day's fishing and brought 7 youngsters from Guatemala City. Fishing aboard Sirena 4 of the anglers released 8 sailfish conventional on 16 raises and also released 12 dorado.

Our other boat of 4 anglers released 7 sailfish on 17 raises conventional.

Good day for the young men.

July 28 - The Roberto Collon group joined us for a day's fishing aboard Sirena. The group released 2 sailfish conventional on 3 raises, a 250 lb Blue Marlin, and 6 dorado.

Aug 4 - Dr. William & Patricia Watkins arrived at SBL for 3 days of fishing. Aboard Sirena the group raised 1 Blue Marlin and 0 releases.

Aug 5 - The Watkins group released 0 sailfish with 2 raises.

Also, joining us were The Eduardo DeLeon group. They released 2 sailfish conventional on 4 raises on Ballena.

Aug 6 - The Watkins group decided to go inshore and released 5 Roosterfish and 3 Mackerel.

Marlin fishing has turned on in August and the sailfish have not been as cooperative over the last few weeks.

Aug 16 - Bill & Ryan Doty arrived at Sailfish Bay for 3 days of bluewater fishing. Bill & Ryan released 1 Blue Marlin, had 2 sailfish raises with 0 releases and caught some dorado aboard Sirena.

Aug 17 - The Doty group released another
Blue Marlin, had 0 sailfish releases, and released 9 dorado.

Jack & Jonathan Deitch arrived at Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard Ballena the group had 0 sailfish releases.

Aug 18 - The Doty group released another Blue Marlin and released 1 dorado aboard Sirena.

The Dietch group also released a Blue Marlin and 1 dorado aboard Ballena.

Aug 19 - The Dietch group released 0 sailfish on Ballena

Joel Kaplan returned to Sailfish Bay with Beth Rossman. Fishing aboard Sirena they raised 12 sailfish and released 1 on fly. They also released 2 Blue Marlin on 4 raises conventional!

Aug 20 - Joel & Beth had 0 sailfish releases on 5 raises while fly fishing.

Aug 24 - We welcomed a father and his two sons to Sailfish Bay for their first visit. Jim, Matt, and Connor Hoesley. On day #1, they raised 4 sails on fly with Jim releasing 1. They also raised 4 marlin with Matt nailing a nice 250 lb Black! Matt celebrated with a cigar and several Monte Carlos as he proceeded to determine that he was angler of the year.

Aug 25 - The Hoesley's had another great day releasing 1 sailfish on fly with 2 raises and released TWO Black Marlin around 400 lbs on 3 raises.

Aug 26 - Well, what can you say? The Hoesley group is consistent. They released 1 sailfish on fly with 8 raises again today and released ANOTHER 300 lb. Black Marlin. They also hooked another one that later got off the line.

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