Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Surfer Magazine - Oct. 2007


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Dylan Graves Leads His Crew To Water in Guatemala

By Zander Morton

Our plan for this trip to Guatemala is to have no plan. So far, that "wing and a prayer" attitude has brought us here: two hours from the airport in Guatemala City, in a small town called Iztapa, with no place to sleep.

Driving aimlessly we see a local policia. Dylan shouts for us to stop and then chats him up. The officer gestures excitedly as he informs us of a small lodge on the beach that he describes as muy bonito. That means either a lot of fish, or very pretty. Either way, I'm sold.

The Sailfish Bay Lodge as it is named is truly muy bonito. It's a small resort on a thin slice of island, with eight waterfront rooms that include AC and wireless internet. The lodge also has on-site kitchen staff, pool and 24-hour security guards. I get the sense out here on this island they don't see much action.

Normally, the place is occupied to capacity by fishermen who spend big bucks to stay at the lodge by night and spend their days on the open waters off the coast, where some of the best sailfish and tuna in the world are on offer.

During our trip, we only explored a select portion of the coast, but with so much beach and country out there, who knows? On the right day, it's plausible to surf the best beachbreak of your life alone. GQ magazine recently published a story with the title "Nicaragua: The New Florida." I say screw that. Guatemala is the next Florida. Except in Guatemala, you actually have the chance to surf quality waves.

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