Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

Oct 2007 - Guatemala Fishing Report


Oct 5 - The Roger Green group arrived at Sailfish Bay to kick off the fall season. Roger was joined by father Paul Green, Jason Piper, Wayne McKee, Tom Feick, Butch Davis, Greg Davis, and Dan Forsman.

Fishing aboard Sirena and Ballena the group raised 6 sailfish and released 3 conventional. They also raised and released 2 Blue Marlin on their first day of fishing! And the marlin bite continues...

Oct 6 - The Green group released a 400 lb. Black Marlin on Sirena along with one sailfish conventional.

The guys on Ballena had 0 sailfish releases.

Oct 7 - Four of the anglers fishing on Sirena released one sailfish conventional and one Dorado.

The other 4 from The Green group played golf today.

Oct 15 - Newlyweds Tracy Clark and Paul Wright arrived at Sailfish Bay to spend a few days of their honeymoon with us. Fishing aboard Sirena the couple fished half a day and released 1 sailfish conventional and hooked a few dorado.

Oct 16 - Tracy and Paul raised 5 sailfish and released 2 conventional. They also released 2 big 40 lb. dorado.

Oct 19 - Chris Edwards and Will Bowen arrived at Sailfish Bay. Fishing aboard Mariner they released 3 sailfish and one 250 lb. Blue marlin conventional.

Repeat client Norman Peets returned with Kell Gallaher, Rupert Brown and David Pope. They released 1 dorado aboard Sirena.

Oct 20 - The Edwards and Peets group were shut out on the sailfish today.

Oct 26 - Johnny Cooke, Jim and Cameron Cottrell arrived to fish with us. Fishing aboard Sirena the group raised 4 sailfish, released 1 conventional and two 30 lb. dorado.

Oct 27 - The Cooke group released one 300 lb. Blue marlin on Sirena.

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