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Fishing Trip Guatemala - Corporate Excursions

Executive Retreats
Senior executives can spend what seems to be an eternity in their offices and boardrooms. The ability to get away, sometimes far away can produce those "blue sky" ideas that are not possible in a normal office setting. Creative work types need an environment to decompress, unwind, and recharge their batteries. By developing and implementing high level executive retreats Sailfish Bay delivers a setting to refresh the mind. Our staff has the experience and specialized knowledge to create the ultimate executive outing.

Team Building
Working closely with each client, Sailfish Bay can design a creative program from start to finish to incorporate all facets of a successful team-building event. According to our clients - one of the most beneficial results has been the level of creative thinking spawned by taking people far away from familiar surroundings. Our philosophy is if you do the "norm" it is forgettable, but if you take a chance on something spectacular it will be talked about for years. We are here to help you decide, plan, execute and measure the results of your investment.

Incentive Programs
In today's environment, if you want to keep your top performers and clients you will need to raise the bar in showing your appreciation. The bar has been raised over the last several years when it comes to constructing new and innovative ways to thank clients for their loyalty. With an outstanding reputation in the fishing travel business and employee incentive programs, Sailfish Bay is well equipped to assist your every need.

What NEEDS do we satisfy at Sailfish Bay?

Need to escape and step out of the box.

Desire to rejuvenate, refresh, and revitalize one's mind.

Desire to rediscover one's-self and untapped "adventure" spirit (with
an eye toward business relevance).

Desire for camaraderie with other 'seekers' in a peaceful, relaxing setting.

Informal admission to a very elite class of sporting activity...with lots of tangibles.

Desire to get in touch with nature, the outdoors, and the environment.

We promise your group will return with a "fish story" they can defend...and document. Just ask one of our hundreds of satisfied clients.

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