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Guatemala Fly Fishing - Big Game

Guatemala Fly Fishing - If you've ever dreamed of catching a 100 lb sailfish on fly, it's time to discover Guatemala sport fishing. With our year-round abundant sailfish population, you will have more opportunities for hook-ups than anywhere in the world. Our experienced captains and mates can help the knowledgeable or teach the novice the art of fly fishing for billfish. Each year we are also landing more and more Marlin on fly.

You may also have the opportunity for dorado or tuna on fly - great fighters and challenge to your angling skills.

If you want to get EXCITED about fly fishing for sailfish then watch this 3-minute video below. We collaborated with Castaway Films to create "Project Vela" and it was recently featured in Catch Magazine.

Project Vela Video by Castaway Films

"A million thanks to Sailfish Bay Lodge. Unequivocally, your operation offers the finest Pacific sailfishing experience on the planet. Everything from the beautiful lodge to the exquisite service to the world-class captains and crew was fantastic." - Grant Wiswell, Producer, Castaway Films

Fly Fishing Equipment

We carry Cam Sigler 14 wt fly rods. Our reels consist of Tibor's "Pacific" model, Abel, and the Billy Pate "Marlin". We recommend Cam Sigler's "Pink Squid" tube fly and our most successful color is pink and white. If rigging them yourself, 6/0 "J" hooks are preferred. When sailfish are less aggressive on the surface, we suggest a partially sinking streamer style fly, pink and white with the same size hook.

We use the following fly line:
*Rio "Leviathan" 600 grain Yel Tint/Black

You can also consider:
*Wulff Bermuda Triangle Taper Saltwater SWTB12F
*Cortland Tropic Plus Lazor Line (Billfish) with a Int. Clear Sink Tip - WF13 or WF14
*Orvis Big Game Intermediate Wonderline WF-14-S
Tippet strength is your choice but we suggest 20 lb.

Fly Fishing Instruction

Sailfish Bay's captains and mates are Guatemala's finest for fly fishing. Loaded with experience our crews know how to rig rods/reels, tie flies and tease sailfish close to the boat. Our captains and crews will work closely with those clients needing extra help on fly fishing and we can teach you the correct hook-up procedure for billfish.

In addition to Castaway Films and many of your top Fly Fishing Publications we have also welcomed Joan Wulff, Stu Apte, and Trevor Gowdy to Sailfish Bay.

Stu Apte "Guatemala offers some of the finest fly fishing for sailfish in the world. I truly enjoyed my trip with Sailfish Bay."

Joan Wulff "Our time with you was one of the highlights of my fishing life. We're singing your praises to potential clients. Thank you, thank you and good luck."

Trevor Gowdy, ESPN host of "OUT THERE" has visited us twice while filming several television shows for ESPN and Outdoor Life Network. "I think Sailfish Bay is the best operation in Guatemala. I loved it!"

How to Set a Hook

by: Lefty Kreh
The preferred way to hook billfish is to wait until the fish has been lured with a teaser to within a few yards of the stern of the boat. The fly is then thrown to the far side and slightly behind the billfish. This causes the fish to turn and take the fly going away from the angler. Grip the line firmly and keeping the rod low, rotate away from the fish after it takes the fly. Then, instead of trying to set the hook with the hand or the rod, hold the rod about 45 degrees to the fish. Don't try to set the hook- just hold it at and angle. As the billfish swims away with the fly, it sets the hook itself. Billfish are great head shakers and if you hold the line securely and the rod at an angle, the hook will usually be set in the billfish.

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