Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

My Most Memorable Day of Fishing


The Angling Report, November 2004 - My Most Memorable Day of Fishing

Down in Guatemala, subscriber Michael Barnett says he had the best day of fishing in his life at Sailfish Bay Lodge. (Tel. 800-638-7405; 513-984-8611). Sailfish Bay Lodge is located on a private island outside of Puerto Iztapa. That’s about 90 miles southwest of Guatemala City and near Tim Choate’s well-known Fin and Feather Inn. Barnett says he and a friend had a fishless day their first time out but landed two sails on the second day and seven on the third, followed by a phenomenal day of 55 rises, with 43 strikes and 22 landed on their last day. Their largest fish was about 100 pounds, with the average fish between 75 and 80 pounds. He says they used 12 to 14 weight fly rods, breaking one of them on a fish, and 16 to 20-pound tippet. He reports seeing numerous sailfish swimming across the calm surface with their sail out of the water.

Barnett says his captain, Capt. Lon of the Maverick, acted on a tip about a hot spot over an underwater canyon about 40 miles offshore, where the bottom drops off from 300 feet to 2,000. During the trip out, Barnett says they watched two active volcanoes back on shore smoking over the jungle. He says they also had to thread their way through a cloud of Olive Ridley sea turtles and numerous schools of porpoises, including a two-mile wide school of spinner dolphins.

“I highly recommend Sailfish Bay Lodge,” he writes. “The fishing is excellent, the accommodations are good and the food and service is outstanding.” He says their meals featured local seafood, including dorado, jumbo shrimp and lobster, with plenty of fresh fruit and other delicacies. He gives the cost of the trip for five nights and four days of fishing at $3,155 per person for two anglers.

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