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Guatemala - Sailfish Bay Lodge

If you've ever dreamed of battling with a Pacific sailfish on the fly, Guatemala is your dream come true. It's been widely touted that Guatemala holds one of the largest year 'round sailfish populations on the planet, and the guides at Sailfish Bay Lodge can virtually guarantee you'll hook up. That's because they've had a 100% success rate for their fly-fishing clients!

Sailfish Bay Lodge is situated on the southern Pacific coast of Guatemala, near Puerto Iztapa, on a barrier island between the Chiquimulia Canal and the Pacific. This section of coast forms a huge bay, and strong currents flowing from Mexico reflect off the coast of El Salvador, creating an enormous eddy that's rich in bait and pelagic fish. Sailfish and other billfish species, such as blue and black marlin, thrive in these waters---allowing fly anglers more opportunities to hook a billfish than anywhere else in Central America.

In fact, Guatemala holds both the conventional and fly-fishing records for the most sailfish caught in a single day. The lodge's one-day fly tackle record is astonishing--22 sailfish released between two anglers! On conventional tackle, their best 3-day catch was an unbelievable 134 sails. The two anglers that set this record will have a lifetime of stories to tell--not that many folks will believe them!

If you want to be a believer, Sailfish Bay Lodge is the place to go. We've already booked our trip for April 2005, and we'll present a full-length feature article on the lodge in an upcoming issue.

Rates start at just $1,354 per person for a 3-night, 2-day trip. For more information on this first-class fishing lodge, log on to or call (800) 638-7405.
by Crispin Battles

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