Guatemala Fishing at Sailfish Bay Lodge

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Enormous Trophy Fish - All But Guaranteed..."When easterly ocean currents flowing along the Pacific Coast of Central America collide with El Salvador, they retreat, turn west - and create a bay so brimming with billfish it makes anglers giddy. Smack in the middle of this little known area sits the Sailfish Bay Lodge, which employs Guatemalan sportfishing gurus and boasts an astounding record. Since it opened in 2001 not a single guest has walked away without catching and releasing a Pacific sailfish; in a three-day run last year, a father and son reeled in 134 big-water beasts. Newly built bungalows along the beach have opened up the action to more anglers. When your arms tire - and they will - of reeling in the billfish, tuna, and dorado, work out your legs instead with a hike up 12,333-foot Agua volcano, 90 minutes away. At the summit, surrounded by four smaller volcanoes - including two that are still active - you might just forget about the fish waiting your return ($1600 per person) for three nights."

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